EMTS Proudly Provides:

  • Building surveys and specifications
  • Develop work plans and specifications
  • Create project designs and bidding documents
  • Conduct bid walks and assist in contractor pre-qualification
  • Abatement/remediation project management
  • Provide final inspections, air monitoring and project documentation
  • Risk management, facility safety plans and plant labeling

  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Lead
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Phase I Assessments (ASTM)
  • Renovations and Demolitions
  • Pre-renovation/demolition DNR required inspections
  • Controlled fire burn inspections

Field Testing/Analytical Services
  • Asbestos (air and bulk materials)
  • Lead, Paints, Coatings (contaminated soil, water, air)
  • Bio-aerosols (mold, bacteria)
  • Chemicals, VOC’s, heavy metals
  • Radon
  • LEED Performance Credits (IEQ)
  • Workplace Hazard Exposure
  • Laboratory PLM/PCM Analysis