Environmental Management and Testing Services, LLC has the solutions for many environmental challenges found in commercial, industrial, public and private facilities, as well as on construction and demolition job sites. Failure to recognize or properly address these concerns only delay projects, strain budgets and can result in unnecessary injuries. With that understanding, EMTS knows that a complete and accurate assessment of your situation must be done right the first time.  We take the information collected from our initial inspection and guide your project through to a final resolution.
We will design the correct plans for remediation and serve as your on-site air quality representative during abatement. Our company ensures your project is done safely and completed in regulatory compliance.  By keeping open lines of communication and offering cost effective options , EMTS keeps projects on track and on budget. Whether you are buying or selling a property, managing daily operations at a facility, or planning a renovation or demolition project, Environmental Management and Testing Services will provide reliable client service and solutions needed in today's economy.

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